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Nearly three weeks after a gunman stormed into the Sutherland Springs Baptist Church in Texas and massacred 26 people in the worst mass shooting in the state’s history,
Custom Eagles Jersey  the church’s pastor says he is struggling to deal with his grief and that his sadness is compounded by guilt over what he might have done to stop the shooting.

Speaking to the New York Times in his first interview since the attack, Pastor Frank Pomeroy said he regularly carried a concealed weapon when he preached on Sunday
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Pomeroy tells the Times he thought the text message was a joke at first, but the camera operator, who was shot, told him it wasn’t. The pastor began frantically calling others in the church, trying to find out what had happened. But the phones just rang and rang. More than half of those inside the small community church were dead, including Pomeroy’s 14-year-old daughter, Annabelle, while another 20 were wounded.

The weeks since have been a blur of funerals, hospital visits to the wounded and meetings with insurance companies, lawyers and others about the future of the church. Pomeroy tells the Times that, as a pastor, he has tried his best to offer comfort to his grieving congregation and that they, in turn, have tried to console him, but that he is struggling.

“I feel that I am not grieving as adequately as I should. I feel pretty weak right
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