Bulls point guard Kris Dunn echoed Mirotic’s sentiments recently, noting that one of the reasons the Bulls continue to play their best basketball of the season is Custom Vikings Jersey because Mirotic and Portis were able to bury the hatchet when Mirotic returned to the floor.

“They hashed it out,” Dunn said last week. “They brought that positivity back into the team. They’re playing well off each other. They’re playing unbelievable Personalized Minnesota Vikings Jersey basketball. … It’s special for the team to see. We’re proud to have them both back.”

Mirotic and his teammates are well aware of the fact that the Bulls’ front office might still decide to move some pieces in the coming weeks as the trade deadline approaches, but the Bulls’ recent wins might have already altered the team’s direction in the short term.

Many both inside and outside the organization believed that the Bulls would stack up losses this year in hopes of landing one of the top picks in this summer’s NBA draft. With the Bulls playing as well as they are now, Mirotic believes that his Men’s Nike Custom Made Minnesota Vikings Elite Purple Team Color NFL Jersey Cheap Minnesota Vikings young group can make the playoffs this season if the front office decides to keep the group together with LaVine, an athletic wing, expected to return in the next few weeks as he continues rehabbing an ACL injury.

“It’s going to be great,” Mirotic said. “It depends once again on the front office. The decisions, the moves they’re going to make. But the only thing I can say, if we’re going to be all healthy, all together here until the end of the year, probably we’re going to be fighting for the playoffs. I can bet that right now. But that’s NFL Football too far [ahead]. We need to go game by game. About myself, we’ll see what’s going to happen, but for me most important until the last day I’m here, I just want to prove myself, prove how good I [can] be, all the work I did this summer and help the guys to win. That’s all I can do so far just in my power. We’ll see
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what’s going to happen.”

Dunn admitted that he and his teammates have even joked about how fast their turnaround has been after starting the season so poorly.

“We joke about it all the time,” Dunn said after Wednesday’s win. “We’re just trying to change it around. It’s just a credit to the team. We’re going out there competing each and every game … we just laugh because the whole time we were positive. We didn’t care about the losses that we had early because we understood we could have won those games. There were a lot of close games that we let slip by. We just laugh because out of nowhere we just changed it, and that chemistry clicked. We’re tough right now. We’re going out there, and we know we’re competing with each and every team that we play against.”

As happy as Mirotic and his teammates appear to be on the floor in recent weeks, the 26-year-old also knows that the NBA is a business, and he might end up elsewhere before the season ends.

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