Women’s Nike Personalized Minnesota Vikings Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Sale

To which I reply: Oh come on now. Seriously?

There isn’t a single valid reason to expose Gurley or Donald or Goff to injury when nothing more than an insignificant playoff seed is at stake. And the only thing Custom Vikings Jersey McVay and the Rams — and you as fans for that matter — should be focused on is being in the best possible physical shape to start the Women’s Nike Personalized Minnesota Vikings Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Sale playoffs a week from Sunday.

There will be plenty of chances to play the 49ers straight up with every intention of beating them moving forward. Especially now with Goff in place and, apparently, Jimmy Garappolo the franchise quarterback San Francisco has long been searching for.

But Sunday isn’t one of them. Which is why Goff and Gurley will be — and should Personalized Minnesota Vikings Jersey be — watching from the sideline.

“I agree with the decision on our coaching staff’s part to get some guys rest and get some guys healthy,” Goff said. “Yeah, I think it’s good to get myself back to feeling really good and feeling fresh.”

I’ve heard another argument, the one about trying to maintain the current seed to ensure better first- and second-round matchups. And still others in which it’s more beneficial to drop to the fourth seed to avoid having to play this team or that team.You can argue your way in circles trying to mentally game the situation to the Rams’ advantage or figure out which seed is more advantageous moving forward.

It’s all fool’s talk. The minute you start focusing on fixing situations to line up certain teams to maximize supposedly beneficial matchups is the very second you Minnesota Vikings lose sight of what the Rams’ playoff success is ultimately dependent on. And that’s the Rams themselves.

Which is why the right decision on Sunday is to take care of Number One. Not to line up the best first- or second-round opponent or game site.

But to make sure the Rams are positioned as best as possible — physically above all NFL Football  else — to make a prolonged postseason run.

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